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Community Involvement

Gretna Crossing Park Sponsored by United Republic Bank 

United Republic Bank is the proud sponsor of Gretna Crossing Park. Opening in September 2023, the park is Gretna’s ultimate outdoor entertainment, recreation and sports venue.

For more information about the 157-acre park and all if it’s amenities, please visit

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Habitat for Humanity® of Omaha

We are excited to announce that United Republic bank has partnered with Habitat for Humanity® of Omaha in its mission to provide affordable housing in the Omaha metro area. Through affordable homeownership, families can provide stability for their children, and improve their physical and mental health and their overall well-being. Together, we can help make affordable housing a reality in our community! 

Stay tuned for more updates on our collaborative efforts! For more information, please visit

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Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation Golf Fore Grants 2024

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Red Nose Day

Each year the employees at United Republic Bank proudly support Red Nose Day to help end child poverty - one nose at a time.  For more information, please visit

Breast Cancer Awareness

Each October the employees at United Republic Bank donate $ to wear jeans and support Breast Cancer Awareness. In 2023, URB supported Project Pink’d, Inc.. For more information please visit

Sponsoring ENOA Seniors in the Omaha Metro

For the past 5 years, United Republic Bank employees purchase gifts for Seniors in the Omaha Metro each holiday season.  These Seniors were adopted by employees at the Eastern Nebraska Office On Aging (ENOA). 

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Fraud & Security

Welcome to United Republic Bank's Customer Fraud & Security Center. You'll find useful tools - from ransomware resources, to calculators, to educational podcasts - all available at your convenience, 24/7/365.

ID TheftSmartTM Protection


ID TheftSmart TM

We would like to help protect you from the fastest growing crime in the U.S. by offering your ID Theft protection through Kroll ID TheftSmart™.

Identity Theft
Some companies' idea of restoration amounts to handing you a do-it-yourself kit. Not with ID TheftSmart™. They provide full-service restoration, which means their experienced, licensed investigators do the bulk of the work on your behalf.

Smart Credit Monitoring
Of course, the best way to safeguard your identity is through constant vigilance and early detection. ID TheftSmart™ provides continuous credit monitoring to alert you to any potential problems or suspicious activity.

Minor Monitoring
Minor Monitoring is protecting your children against Identity theft.  ID TheftSmart™ monitors for any credit activity and if activity is detected, the adult will receive an alert. 

Identity Theft Membership
For pricing and membership options please call and speak to a Personal Banker at 402-505-8500.

Ransomware Resources


The U.S. Government launched a new website to help public and private organizations defend against the rise in ransomware cases. is a whole-of-government approach that gives one central location for ransomware resources and alerts. We encourage organizations to use this new website to understand the threat of ransomware, mitigate risk, and in the event of an attack, know what steps to take next.

The webpage is an interagency resource that provides ransomware protection, detection, and response guidance that they can use on a single website. This includes ransomware alerts, reports, and resources from CISA, the FBI, and other federal partners.

Keeping Seniors Safe

Top Five Cybercrimes Affecting Older Adults

Social Security Impersonation Scams
Scammers impersonate Social Security Administration employees to obtain your money or personal/financial information. 

Warning Signs:
• The caller threatens to suspend your Social Security benefits.
• The caller tries to charge you for services the Social Security Administration provides for free.

Hackers change their caller ID to a number other than the one they are calling from and pose as representatives from your bank, credit card company or a government agency to obtain your personal information. 

Warning Signs:
• The message says you owe money and face legal or financial consequences if you don’t pay right away.
• A prerecorded message tells you to press “1” or some other key to be taken off a call list.

Romance Scams
Scammers create fake profiles on dating sites and social media, often using stolen photos, to obtain your money or personal/financial information.

Warning Signs:
• They ask you to start communicating by text or personal email, away from the original site you met on.
• After gaining your trust, they start telling you stories of bad luck or medical emergencies.
• They ask for money, gift cards, or funds to pay off credit cards.

Family/Friend Imposter Scams
Fraudsters call you pretending to be a family member, often a grandchild, and claim to be in urgent need of money to cover an emergency. 

Warning Signs:
• A grandchild is in trouble and needs money immediately.
• They don’t want their parents to be contacted because it would get them in trouble.
• Payments are requested by wire transfer, prepaid debit card or gift card.

Tech Support Scams
Scammers use pop-up messages, fake websites, or phone calls to trick you into thinking your computer has a serious problem. They obtain your money by having you pay for fake technical support, or steal your personal/financial information by gaining access to your computer.

Warning Signs:
• You are asked to pay for tech support or other services with a gift card, cash-reload card or wire transfer.
• The message contains bad grammar or misspelled words.
• Someone calls or emails you claiming to work for a brand-name tech company such as Microsoft or Apple.

Tips to Protect Yourself

• Check your financial statements each month for any suspicious activity

• Never send money to someone you don't know personally 

• Know that fraudsters often pose as interested romantic partners on the internet

• Practice cyber security - use updated security software

• Never give your credit card, banking, Social Security, Medicare, or other personally identifiable information over the phone unless it is with a trusted, verified number or website

• Always consult your doctor before purchasing health products or treatments

• Screen your phone calls using voicemail. You do not need to respond to everyone who calls

Elder Fraud Resources 

National Center on Elder Abuse 

Eldercare Locator 

Internet Crime Complaint Center  

AARP Fraud Watch Network 



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FDIC's Money Smart Network

The FDIC's Money Smart Podcast Network covers a range of topics. From the basics of making wise borrowing decisions, to developing a budget to achieve your goals, these courses are designed to be both user-friendly and educational.



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