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Introducing the New UnitedRepublic.BANK

We hope you are enjoying the updated look and feel of our new website, UnitedRepublic.BANK. You’ll also notice that we have made the move from “.com” to .BANK to provide you with an even more secure banking experience. You see, the .BANK domain name can only be used by a bank, and it includes additional security for the protection of bank customers.Computer Promo

You’ll also start seeing .BANK being used in all email correspondence coming from us from this point forward. Be sure to look for the .BANK instead of the “.com” for further reassurance that messages are coming from us. The good news is if you still use our old email addresses, they will still work. We’ll still get your messages, but when we reply you’ll see our new .BANK (so feel free to update your address books)!

In addition to a fresh new look, we’ve taken time to organize information better to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. You’ll still have convenient and secure access to your accounts, but now with an improved way to get around.

We also know it’s becoming an increasingly “mobile world” – as many of our customers love to bank on the go. When visiting our new site on your phone, you’ll also find our responsive design an easy way to use smaller-screen devices to get information about the bank and all that we have to offer.

We encourage you to spend some time browsing around and discover on your own how our new site makes it even easier to access all the great banking information. If you’d like to share feedback or have thoughts, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. We’d love to hear from you!


Community Involvement

In The News

United Republic Bank was recently featured in the Omaha World Herald.  To read the full article, please click here:

Omaha World Herald



ID Theft Protection

ID TheftSmart TM

We would like to help protect you from the fastest growing crime in the U.S. by offering your ID Theft protection through Kroll ID TheftSmart™.

Identity Theft
Some companies' idea of restoration amounts to handing you a do-it-yourself kit. Not with ID TheftSmart™. They provide full-service restoration, which means their experienced, licensed investigators do the bulk of the work on your behalf.

Smart Credit Monitoring
Of course, the best way to safeguard your identity is through constant vigilance and early detection. ID TheftSmart™ provides continuous credit monitoring to alert you to any potential problems or suspicious activity.

Minor Monitoring
Minor Monitoring is protecting your children against Identity theft.  ID TheftSmart™ monitors for any credit activity and if activity is detected, the adult will receive an alert. 

Identity Theft Membership
For pricing and membership options please call 402-505-8500.


Education Center

Welcome to United Republic Bank's Customer Education Center. You'll find useful tools - from user guides, to calculators, to educational podcasts - all available at your convenience, 24/7/365.

FDIC Insurance Calculator


FDIC's Money Smart Network

The FDIC's Money Smart Podcast Network covers a range of topics. From the basics of making wise borrowing decisions, to developing a budget to achieve your goals, these courses are designed to be both user-friendly and educational.


Cyber Security Tips

FDIC Consumer News 

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Take the bank with you no matter where you are. Our mobile banking app works on iOS and Android devices and is a great way to put the power of banking in the palm of your hand.



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